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[导读]一、词汇考查: A)词形变换: 1.twenty(序数词) ____________ 2.safe(名词) __________ 3. far(比较级) __________ 4.succeed(名词)_________ 5.polite(副词)___________ 6.weather(同音词)___________ 7.north(形容词)______________ twentieth sa
1.twenty(序数词) ____________
2.safe(名词) __________
3. far(比较级) __________
7.north(形容词)______________twentiethsafetyfarthersuccesspolitelywhethernorthern8.tomato (复数)____________
1.In the exam, the more careful you
are, the _______(few) mistakes you’llmake.2.December is the ___________(twelve)
month of the year.
3.He believed that his daughter made a
good __________(decide).tomatoesourselvesbeatenfewertwelfthdecision
4.His _______(die) made all of us very sad.
5.My mother was busy ________(cook)
when I got home.
6.The children are playing in the park
7.Help ___________(your) to some fish,Children.8.The boy fell ________(sleep) as soon
as he lay down.deathcookinghappilyyourselvesasleep9.Many people lost their ________(life)
in that traffic accident.
10.Who speaks English _______(badly)
in your class?
11.The dictionary is a little expensive,
but it’s very __________(help).
12.Among those ____________(invent),
that’s the most important one in hislife.livesworsthelpfulinventions13.The teacher often warns us _______
(not play ) football in the street.
14.He worked out the problem
____________(success) at last.
15.I believe that __________(confident)
can defeat everything.
16.Everydaythe old man does morning
exercises in order to be much
not to play
1.China and India are both__________
(发展中) countries.
2.C___________is the most important
festivals in ________(西方)countries.
3.The b______ over the river was made
many years ago.
4.What’s the b_________ hours of  that
5.W_______ you go, you should followthe Party.developinghristmaswesternridgeusinessherever6.The supermarket also sells different
kinds of ____________(蔬菜).
7.They were greatly __________(惊奇)
to hear the news.
8.As soon as they _______(到) Nanjing,
they called us.
9.There is a _________(现代的) hotel
and some fine schools here.
10.We ________(匆忙) out to see what
was happening in the street.vegetablessurprisedreachedmodernhurried11.The old building has been there for
many, many years, perhaps forc________.12.Mum, if Jim is not well enough to
do the work, let me do it i_________.
13.March the e________ is Women’sDay.14.Look ! The dog isn’t d_______, it’s
still moving.enturiesnsteadighthead
15.Jina is a little w_______ in Chinese,
but she is good at English.
16.May 12th is the international
N________ Day. Let’s say “thanks”
to them for their work in the fight
against SARS.
17.The b_________ year of the twenty-
first century is 2001.
18.R_______________ to bring your
dictionary here tomorrow.eakurses’eginningemember
19.I was so tired that I could ________
(几乎不) move.
20.He looks much __________(胖)thanbefore.二、语法及情景选择:
1.He is _ honest boy, so we all like him.
A. a      B. an         C. the         D. /
2.-Let’s go dancing tonight.
-Sorry, I __.I have to go to a meeting.
A. mustn’t                  B. may not
C. can’t                       D. needn’thardlyfatterBC
3.---This book is a bit hard. ____ read
something easier?
A. Why not to           B. Why don’t
C. Why not                D. Why not you
4.______ of the students in the school
is 2000,____ of them are from the
A. The number; first fourth
B. The number ; one fourth
C. A number ; one second
D. A number ; three quartersCB
5.Your shirts are too dirty. You’d
better ______ by yourself.
A. not wash them
B. not to wash them
C. wash them
D. to wash them
6.The father wished the twins to be
doctors, but __ of them liked to
study medicine.
A. both  B. neither  C. either  D. noneCB
7.---Would you like to go and buy
some food with us ?
A. No, I can’t               B. Yes, I will
C. I’d love to                D. I like
8.He borrowed the money ____ he
could send his son to school.
A. which                  B. so this
C. so that                 D. becauseCC
9.It’s very nice ____ you to take care
of my baby while I was away.
A. for       B. of       C. with    D. to
10.Sorry, Miss Li. I ____ the key to the
door of the classroom at home, I
have to go back for it.
A. left    B. missed  C. forgot  D. lostBA
11. Lots of visitors come to Beijing
because she is ____ city.
A. so a beautiful    B. very a beautiful
C. such beautiful   D. quite a beautiful
12.I bought a new dictionary and it __
me 30 Yuan.
A. spent  B. cost   C. took  D. paid
13.---Oh, Mrs. King , your skirt looks
nice. Is it new?
---No, I ____ it for two years.
A. had                  B. have had
C. bought             D. have boughtDBB14.____ it is today ! Let’s go to fly a
kite in the park, shall we ?
A. What fine weather
B. What a fine weather
C. How a fine weather
D. How fine a weather
15.Kate is a nice girl. She says ___ butdoes much.A. little   B. a little  C. few  D. a fewAA
16.Lucy and Lily are twins. Lucy likes
playing basketball, __ Lily doesn’t.
A. and    B. as      C. but      D. or
17. ---Excuse me, look at the sign NOPHOTOS?---Sorry, I _____ it.
A. don’t  see           B. didn’t see
C. haven’t seen      D. won’t seeCB
18.---Will you please write to me when
you have time ?
---Sure, but _____ is your e-mailaddress?A. when  B. where  C. what   D. which
19.---The coat is too expensive.
---Don’t worry. Here is another one.
It’s nice and ____ , I think.
A. cheap                 B. dear
C. beautiful            D. brightCA
20.---Can I get you a cup of orange?
A. It’s very nice of you
B. With pleasure
C. You can. Please
D. Thank you for the orange
21.Betty went to the museum and
looked at many pictures ___ were
drawn by a famous person.
A. that   B. who   C. what  D. whomAA
22.---Could you tell me __________?
---Sorry, I don’t know. I was not at
the meeting.
A. what does he say at  the meeting
B. what did he say at the meeting
C. what he says at the meeting
D. what he said at the meeting
23.Since China has been a member of
WTO, English is ___ useful thanbefore.A. more  B. most   C. much   D. veryDA
24.---May I put my bike here?
---Sorry, you mustn’t. Please look
at the sign. It says, “______”.
25.---Did you go to Jim’s birthdayparty?---No, I ________.
A. am not invited   B. wasn’t invited
C. haven’t invited  D. didn’t inviteDB
26.The old man lives ____, but he
doesn’t feel _______.
A. alone ; lonely     B. alone ; alone
C. lonely ; lonely    D. lonely ; alone
27.You may go fishing if your work __.
A. is done              B. will be done
C. has done           D. have done
28.____ people will watch Beijing
Olympic Games on TV in 2008.
A. Million of            B. Millions of
C. Five million         D. MillionAAB29. Be quite , boys and girls. I have ___
to tell you.
A. important anything
B. anything important
C. something important
D. important something
30.China is a ___ country. Japan is a
______ country.
A. developing ; developed
B. developing ; developing
C. developed ; developing
D. developed ; developedCA
31.Work hard, ___ you’re sure to have
a good result in the exam.
A. or      B. and      C. but    D. so
32.____Mike ___Tom may go with you
because one of them must stay athome.A. Both ; and           B. Neither ; nor
C. Not only ; but also
D. Either ; orBD
33. The traffic accident happened ____
a rainy morning.
A. at      B. in     C. on      D. to
34. The post office isn’t far from here.
It’s ________ from here.
A. ten minutes walk
B. ten minute walk
C. ten minutes’ walk
D. ten minute’s walkCC
35.--- Jim and I will go to the post
office this afternoon.
--- ______. _______ go together ?
A. So I do ; Why don’t
B. So do I ; What about
C. So I will; how about
D. So will I ; Shall we
36.---____do you write to your friend?
---Once a month.
A. How often          B. How soon
C. How long           D. How farDA
37.-What would you like, tea or coffee?
-Tea, please. I prefer tea____ coffee.
A. to     B. for    C. with    D. than
38.---Don’t make any noise ! Your
father is sleeping.
A. Sorry , I won’t
B. It doesn’t matter
C. Excuse me. I’m wrong.
D. Certainly, I won’t.AA
39. ---I’m flying to Zhangjiajie for my
holiday this weekend.
---Great ! _________.
A. I hope so         B. With pleasure
C. Have a good time   D. Why not I
40.---Would you mind my opening thedoor?---_______. Please do it now.
A. OK                     B. Certainly not
C. Of course          D. Good ideaCB
41. This kind of bike looks _____ and
it sells ______, too.
A. nice ; good         B. nice ; well
C. well ; good          D. well ; well
42.---I lost my purse on my way to
school this morning.
---_____! You must be more carefulnext time.A. Take care      B. Excuse me
C. What a pity   D. You’re welcomeBC
43. ---I think you look very nice in thered skirt.---____________.
A. Oh, no, I don’t think so
B. Yes, I’m really nice today.
C. I’m pleased you think so
D. I’m much worse than you
44.I think it’s better  to give than ____.
A. receive               B. to receive
C. receiving            D. receivedCB
45.---She didn’t come to school
yesterday. Did she ?
---_______.though she was not
feeling well.
A. No, she didn’t    B. No, she did
C. Yes, she didn’t   D. Yes, she did
46.-Which would you like, tea or milk?
-____. I prefer orange juice.
A. Either            B. Neither
C. Both               D. NoneDB
47.---Excuse me , how can I get to the
post office ?
A. It’s a long way from here
B. It’s just twenty minutes’ walk
C. Sorry, I don’t know the way, either
D. Here it is.
48.---Look! There comes a bus.
---Hurry up, or you’ll ____ it.
A. drop   B. take   C. catch   D. missCD
49.---Write to me as soon as you arrivethere.---I_________.
A. must   B. should  C. will  D. can
50.---Can I get you a cup of tea ?
--- _____________.
A. With pleasure     B. Yes, you may
C. That’s very kind of you.
D. Thank you for the tea.CC
1.Susan’s parents have bought a large
house with a swimming pool. It __be
very expensive.
A. must  B. can  C. mustn’t  D. can’t
2. “Don’t always make Mike ____ this
or that. He is already a big
boy, dear,” Mr. Bush said to his wife.
A. do      B. to do      C. does    D. didAA
3.---How many times ____you ____ to
Beijing this year?
---Three times.
A. have ; been            B. had ; been
C. have ; gone            D. had ; gone
4.Don’t worry. I’ll give the note to Jim
as soon as he _____ back.
A. comes                 B. came
C. will come           D. comeAA
5.I don’t know if it __ .If it __, I won’t
go swimming tomorrow.
A. rains; will rain   B. rains ; rains
C. will rain ; will rain
D. will rain; rains
6.I can’t send an e-mail. Would you
please show me _____ it ?
A. doing                     B. to do
C. what to do             D. how to do itDD
7.By the end of last year. We ____ over
2,000 English words.
A. have learned        B. learned
C. had learned          D. learn
8.My bike is broken. I’ll have it ______
tomorrow afternoon.
A. repair                  B. repairing
C. to repair              D. repairedCD
9.There ____ a sports meeting in our
school next week.
A. will hold            B. will have
C. is going to be     D. is going to hold
10.I won’t go to see the film tonight,
because I ___ my ticket.
A. lost                    B. have lost
C. had lost             D. would lostCB
11. You _____ to the meeting, why
didn’t you go ?
A. be invited         B. will be invited
C. were invited     D. are invited
12.I think maths ____ one of the most
important subjects.
A. are   B. is    C. were   D. was
13.We have worked for two hours.
Now let’s stop ____ a rest.
A. had  B. have  C. to have  D. havingCBC14.This book is quite interesting. It is
well worth _______.
A. to read              B. reading
C. read                   D. to be read
15.---Where is your mother?
---She ____ Beijing. She’ll be back
next Tuesday.
A. has been to           B. have been to
C. went to                  D. has gone toBD
16.---Your skirt looks very nice. Is itnew ?---No, I _______it for two years.
A. bought              B. have bought
C. had                    D. have had
17.The window is broken, try to _____
who broke it.
A. find out              B. look for
C. find                     D. lookDD
18.---How clean your room is !
---Thank you. It ______ every day.
A. cleans               B. is cleaned
C. cleaned             D. was cleaned
is made of   find out    send for
pick up        get ready forB1.The window was broken. Try to
______________ who broke it.
2.Both of his feet were hurt in the
accident. The doctor must be ______.
3.The students are busy ____________
_______the Exam now.
4.Kate’s skirt looks very nice.
It ______________ silk.
5.The bus stopped to ___________ thepassengersfind    outsent forgetting readforis made ofpick   up句型转换
1.She bought the dictionary two months ago.(同义句)
She ______ ____ the dictionary for
two months.
2.I don’t think pop songs is so popular
as folk songs.(同义句)
I think folk songs are _____ ________
than  pop songs.have   hadmore popular
3.All the students are here, but Jim
isn’t .(同义句)
All the students are here _______Jim.
4.I found that it was difficult to do the maths problem.(简单句)
I found ___ _______ to do the mathsproblem.5.The water was so hot that we could
not drink.(简单句)
The water was ___ hot for us __drink.exceptit  difficulttooto
6.One year ago we used the room to
hold the meeting.(被动语态)
One year ago the room _____ ______
to hold the meeting.
7.Shall we go swimming this afternoon?
_____ ______ going swimming thisafternoon?was   usedwhat about8.The dictionary cost me 2o dollars.
I _____ 20 dollars ___the dictionary.
9.We have fine weather today.(感叹句)
_____ _____ weather we have today!
10.The trees are growing well. The
teacher planted them two years ago.
The trees ______the teacher planted
two years ago ______ growing well.spentWhat finewhichwereon11.The Olympic Games are held every
four years. ( 划线提问)
______ ______ are the Olympic
Games held ?
12.I don’t know French, and she
doesn’t know French, either.(同义句)
_____ __I ____ __she ______ French.
13.The lady knew something about it
only after Mr. Baker told her.
The lady knew ___________about
_______it Mr. Baker told her.How  oftenNeither    nor         knowsnothinguntil
14. My brother joined the army two
years ago.(同义句)
My brother has _______ a _______
for two years.
15. “ Are you tired?” My mother
asked me.(直接引语改为间接引语)
My mother asked me ___ I ___ tired.
16.Let’s stop and have a rest,
_______ ___?(补全反意疑问句)beensoldierif    wasshall we
A: What’s ________ with you ?
B: I have a terrible toothache.
A: How _____ have you been like this ?
B: For two months. I have been losingsleep.A: You mean the pain’s been keepingyou awake.wronglongB: Yes, And what’s worse, I can’t eat
A: Let me see. Ah, yes, there is a hole.
It’s very bad and it will be pulled______.B: Will you pull it out now ?
A: I’m afraid not. You’d _______ wait.
Take these pills three times a day
and come back in three days.anythingoutbetter补全对话(2)
(Xiao Bin and his father are at home)
Xiao Bin:___ are you doing now, Dad?
Father: I’m learning _________ on TV.
Xiao Bin :What are you doing that __?
you are only a taxi driver,
not a student. Is it useful for
you to learn English.whatEnglishforFather: Yes, as you know, the Olympic
Games will be held in Beijing
in 2008.when that day ______.
if I know English , I will drive
my taxi to give welcome and
help the friends from all ____the world.Xiao Bin: Oh, you are really great.
Welcome to Beijing !comesover
Peter: Hi, Mary.
Mary: Hi, Peter.
Peter: Could you ______me your bike, 
   please?_________ is broken.
Mary: What time do you want it ?
Peter:  Tomorrow afternoon.
Mary: All right. _____ is the key. My
bike is ______there under the tree.lendMineHereover
Peter: Thank you very much.
Mary: Not at all. But please give it ___
to me as soon as possible.
Peter: OK, Goodbye.
Mary: Goodbye.back帮助别人就是帮助自己
Kathy: Hi ! Did you go to the concert
last Monday?
Peter:  Yes, ______________________.
Kathy: __________________________.
Peter: Wonderful. Many famous singer
sang at the concert.___________
I went there with my parents.
How did you like it ?
it was called “saving the children”
Kathy: What does it mean ?
Peter:   __________________________
________________ .you know
many children in Africa don’t
have enough food.
Kathy: __________________________
Peter:  I think people all over the
world should help them.
Kathy: That’s right.
The concert was held for
collecting money for poorchildren.That’s true
1.即使你不喜欢这件裙子,你也应该试穿一下.Even though you don’t like this skirt,
you should _____ it ____.
2.自从我们上次见面以后,已经有三年了。___ is three years _____ we met last.
try       on
It                      since
It’s _____ a difficult job ____ I can’t
do it all by myself.
4.我还没有决定是否去参加Jim的生日聚会。I haven’t decided __________ I will
go to Jim’s birthday party ___ ____.
I have ___________ __________ to say.
such                     thatwhetheror  not
something  important
It’s dark now, you’d ______ ___home.
I have no time to see them today.
______ ______ tomorrow?
8.这次英语考试她考得最好,他父母很高心。Her parents were very pleased that
she ___ ______ in the English exam
better   go
what    aboutdid   best9.刘翔和姚明一样闻名全国。
Liu Xiang is ___ ________ ____
Yao Ming all over China.
You’ve _____ ____with a good idea.
 What do you ______ _____ the film?
as    famous  ascome    upthink     of
I haven’t ________ _______ my
Australian pen pal for a month.
   _________ is the most important
while we are ________________.
Many people have never been to
China before and ____ ______
speak any Chinese.
heard   fromSafetytravelling
can   hardly
改  错
1.Mum often tells me don’t stay up toolate.2.-Who teaches your English this term?
-Mr. Chen does.
3.You’d better to phone Jenny and say
sorry to her.
4.In a few years time, computers will
be widely used in China.
don’t---not toyour---youto phone---phone
5.In the old days, the workers were
made work ten hours a day.
6.Tom’s father has  gone  to Beijingtwice.7.Jenny , together with Kate and Ann ,
are going to the meeting.
work---to work
gone---beenare---is8. There will be  a concert  in  our
school tonight, won’t  it ?
9.Which  is  the  bigger, the sun , the
earth or the moon ?
10.How happy they are singing and
dancing in the park !
it ---there
2008 Olympic Games 组委会招聘志愿者
Dear sir / madam,
I read your ad on the internet
yesterday. I’m writing to tell you I’d
like to work as a volunteer for Beijing
2008 Olympic Games.
My name is Wang Qiang. I’m a boy.
I was born in June 1990. I study in NO.
10 Middle School. I can speak English
very well. I’m  good at computer and I
am interested in traveling.
I know a lot about the history of the
city. If I’m lucky enough to become a
volunteer for Beijing 2008 Olympic
Games, please call me or send me an e-
mail as soon as possible. My telephone
number is 88851888 and my e-mail
address is  wangqiang@sohu.com. I’d
like to  do something for Beijing 2008
Olympic Games  as  much as I can.
Thanks a lotYoursWang Qiang
try one’s best ; find that; heavy (lost),
talk with (about)
Xiao Ming had a dream last night. In
the dream, he volunteered to serve
The Beijing Olympic
Xiao Ming had a dream last night. In
the dream, he volunteered to serve the
Beijing Olympics. He tried his best to
help foreign friends from different
countries. When he found a foreign
friend worried in the street ,he went up to him and asked him what was the matter. The foreigner told Xiao Ming he was Jack, and he forgot the way to the Sun Hotel, then Xiao Ming stopped
a taxi and took him to the Sun Hotel.
Xiao Ming talked with Jack on the way and made Jack know more about Beijing. Jack thanked Xiao Ming very much and thought Xiao Ming’s English was very good .Xiao Ming was very happy . He smiled, then he woke up.
One World; One Dream
根据下表内容提示,以“The way to
keep healthy”为题,用英语写一篇
 The way to Keep Healthy
 It’s very important for us to keep
healthy in our everyday life. But how ? Here is some advice for you to follow:
First ,you should have a healthy diet. It’s necessary to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, because they contain many of the vitamins that your body needs. You should not eat too much fat , such
as cheese, butter or anything else too fatty. Eating a lot of sweets can be bad
for your teeth ,so you had better not eat too many sweets or chocolates. You should also drink as little coffee as possible.
Second, doing exercise is certainly a good way to stay  your health.
Third, after a day’s work you should
try to get eight hours of sleep and you
had better not work or study too hard.
Finally , you should remember that smoking is bad for your health, so never smoke.